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Royell Communications Inc.
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Virden, IL 62690


Attention Monster Wireless Customers:
Monster Wireless has been honored to provide your internet service. We would like to thank you for trusting in us to deliver fast and reliable internet service to the homes and businesses in your community. Monster Wireless is announcing that the sale of all business assets to Royell Communications is now complete. Effective January 1, 2015, Royell Communications will be your new internet service provider. Royell Communications is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer support, plus delivering a fast and reliable internet experience.

Monster Wireless and Royell Communications will continue working closely over the next several months to ensure a smooth transfer of operations. Many aspects of your internet service will not change. However, you will immediately notice a new logo on all correspondence and on our vehicles. You can also expect appealing new service offerings in the coming months. For example, Royell Communications offers Satellite TV installation and service for both DirecTV and Dish Network as well as Digital Phone service. Royell Communications is very pleased to be doing business in your area and looks forward to continuing to provide you with fast and reliable internet service.

Payments can still be made through the Monster online payment system (top left "online payment") and will be credited to Royell Communications, Inc.

All checks must be made out to "Royell Communications" or "Royell" and mailed to our office at the address above.

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